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In Memoriam...

A word from Brenda Gloria (5/20/2016)

My sister, Roxanne, was diagnosed late in 2015 with an extremely aggressive uterine cancer. After a grueling battle, Roxanne left this earth for a Heavenly home on March 12, 2016.  I had the privilege of working with Roxanne for 19 years. I can truly say her ability to make women beautiful, one face at a time, was a God-given gift. Each client was uniquely special to her, and she loved sharing her heart with each one.  Reaching the 25 year mark in her career two years ago was a special accomplishment for Roxanne. She reflected on it and wrote her thoughts about reaching her "Silver Anniversary." It is posted below. 

Roxanne was a pioneer in the Permanent Makeup Industry.  She was the 13th person in the USA to begin doing Permanent Cosmetics in 1989. Twenty-Five years had passed, and we made wonderful plans for the future. But we didn't plan on cancer.  Before she died, Roxanne told me she wanted me to continue.  I promised her I would. Roxanne, we were blessed to know you in this life.  Thank YOU for the last 27 years.  All my love, Brenda.

A Personal Word from Roxanne: 
I entered the field of Permanent Makeup when it began in the United States. From the moment I heard the Buzz: Cosmetic Tattoo, I knew it was my next step on the Journey.
There were only a handful of Permanent Makeup Technicians across the nation and I was determined to find one Star in that dark night of the days before the Internet. There were no educational standards, no books, no videos no national non-profit organizations to help one learn and AT&T was the only phone company in town.
I found one person who was willing to teach me what she knew. As I watched her tattoo an eyebrow on our models face, I realized immediately that Permanent Cosmetics is a blend of Beauty, Medicine and Tattooing.
I had two parts of the puzzle before me. I had been to Nursing and Cosmetology school. I understood the first part: Asepsis. The second part was Color and Design. Makeup was my crayons growing up; I had been working as a freelance makeup artist for 8 years already. What I needed to know was: How to Tattoo!
The minute my plane landed back in San Antonio I made a beeline for the first tattoo studio near my home. I had the good fortune to learn from the very first traditional Body-Art Tattoo Artist in San Antonio. I spent the next two years gleaning from him and traveling across the Nation learning from every Permanent Makeup Technician I could find.
After two years of traveling and learning I’d exhausted my supply of friends and family and their friends and family to work on. It was time to launch my own business, the year was 1989. I’ve seen the Micropigmentation Industry grow from its infancy and come of age.
I fought the isolation and uncertainty of a new unrecognized industry by learning from as many sources as I could uncover, developing my expertise with countless hours of practice, documenting my findings and sharing my knowledge with my colleagues. I've continued to do this until this present day.
I’ve been active in the Permanent Makeup Industry on a Local, National and International level. After 25 years of practicing Permanent Cosmetics, and teaching for 20 of those years I’ve decided to give up teaching and focus on my clinical practice.
Although the great majority of my clients are referral, I welcome All New Clients. I look forward to sharing All the Beauty Secrets I’ve learned to help Reveal a Beautiful New You!
A heartfelt Thank You to all of my Clients, Past Graduates, Vendors, Colleagues across the nation, and my Staff and Family for your faithfulness and continued support through out these last 25 years. I couldn’t have done it with out You! ~ Roxanne Gloria
Thank You for the Last 25 Years
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