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Beautiful Eyes - The window of the soul. People are drawn to eyes that look beautiful.  They are the main focal point and the strongest emotion conveyor of the entire face.  
 Healed Moderate Eyeliner
( Healed Powder Fill Eyebrows)
The natural contour of our eyes is accentuated by our lashes. Unfortunately not everyone has long, thick gorgeous lashes. Some women are born with short sparse lashes. Some women loose them to chemotherapy or alopecia.
Many times as we age our lashes thin out, we can see spaces in-between them. As our skin thins out, fine lines appear. After years of stretching and tugging on the thinnest skin on your body our eyes look very plain, giving our face an aged appearance.  
No more pulling on delicate eye tissue to apply and remove your eyeliner daily, with Permanent Eyeliner, you can help slow down that aging process! Permanent Eyeliner accentuates the eyes giving them a "finished" look that stays in place all the time! 
 Healed Heavy Eyeliner
Permanent Eyeliner is Like a Little Black Dress for Your Eyes. It can accentuate your lashes and the shape of your eye so they look subtle, elegant or sexy. It all depends on how you want to project yourself to the world.  
Applied with the highest degree of control for the fine detail, we can create a subtle, natural look, a gorgeous traditional eyeliner or a bolder, more dramatic statement, the choice is yours. Either way, your new enhancement means freedom.
The convenience of Permanent Eyeliner allows you to breeze through your day and your life. You'll be able to jump into a pool, sleep late, cry at the movies, shower, exercise, work, and go to bed without the bother of eyeliner smudges and smears at the end of the day.  
During the procedure we use a completely disposable system. All needles are individually wrapped and pre-sterilized. All pigments are single use and we use the best topical anesthetic available in the industry for a virtually painless procedure. After the procedure you’ll be given Aftercare Instructions and an Aftercare Kit.       
For a New Eyeliner procedure, we book 2 hours of one-on-one time just for you.  We never rush through the process and we will give you our full attention every moment that you are here. We never double book. Your satisfaction, comfort and privacy are important to us. 
The Permanent Eyeliner Services we provide, the cost is $395.00(This includes both upper and lower eyeliner) 
EYELASH ENHANCEMENT: This is a super natural look. Good for someone who doesn't normally wear eyeliner who wants their eyes to look defined, without looking like they have makeup on. The color is placed in the lash base only, where the actual eyelash hairs come out of the skin, to create a full lash look. Lash to lash, very thin. This is usually done in the same or slightly darker color than their eyelashes.  
BASIC EYELINER: This is a very natural daytime look with a little more contour. The color is placed in the lash base, then a thin line of additional color is placed just above the lashes slightly thinner on the inside half of the eye by the nose then just slightly thicker on the outside half of the eye by the temple. The same is done on the lower lid.  
MODERATE EYELINER: This is a defined makeup look, perfectly contoured to accentuate the natural curve of the eye for a bigger and brighter appearance. Again, the color is placed in the lash base, then additional color is placed above and below anywhere from one to two pencil lines thick, contoured in the same way as mentioned above. Of course the top lid is done slightly thicker than the lower lid, the way our lashes actually grow. We can even add a little flair at the end of the upper outer eyeliner to lift the eyes for a more youthful appearance. 
THICK EYELINER This is a dramatic made up look reserved for someone who routinely wears their eye makeup heavy. Anything thicker than two pencil lines above the lash base is considered Thick Eyeliner and is charged an additional $100.00 at the time of the service. Thick Eyeliner requires a second visit. 
WET LINE OR WATER LINE, WARNING: There are many Technicians who choose to work on the “Wet Line” This is the area in-between your eyelashes and the eye. It’s called the Tarsal Ridge. At Permanent Cosmetics by Roxanne Gloria, we choose not to do this procedure. WHY? The tarsal ridge or wet line is responsible for producing the oily part of the tear film which covers, protects and keeps your eye from drying out every time you blink. Damage to the tarsal ridge can potentially predispose you to Dry Eye Syndrome. 65% of people over 65 will experience Dry Eye Syndrome in their lifetime. People who suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome must apply eyedrops several times daily otherwise their eyes continually tear because the oily layer of the tear film is not working efficiently. Your safety is our highest concern and not worth any profit we would make while putting you at risk. Traditional pencil can be worn in this area with no permanent damage. 
Err Eye 5
Err Eye 6
WHITE EYELINER or EYELINER HIGHLIGHTER: Again, there are many Technicians who choose to do a White Line above your black eyeliner. At Permanent Cosmetics by Roxanne Gloria, we choose not to do this procedure. WHY? Two reasons: 1) This is a trendy look. Once it’s out of fashion, it cannot be removed. 2) White will last in your skin 30 to 50 years. Black will need to be retouched approximately every 5 years. Eventually your Black Line will disappear and your White Line will still be there. Covering it with black will only turn it gray. Repeated applications will eventually turn it black leaving you with a Thick Line you may not have wanted. Laser cannot remove White, it will only turn it black. Most women who come to our office asking if we can remove it were never told this information by their Technician.  
 Both of the women in the photos above are in their mid 30's.
The White Line will fade sometime between the ages of 65 and 85. When our cients ask about the white line, we ask them if they think they'll want to wear it that long. The answer is always no.
Permanent Cosmetics gives you many options. The intensity of color can be controlled to create what appears as a powder, a pencil or a liquid eyeliner look. This effect can be mixed and matched. For example; For a soft natural look you may choose a Basic Application with a Pencil Fill on the upper eyelid and a Powder fill on the lower eyelid. The more traditional colors are recommended such as Dark Brown, Brown Black, Black and Charcoal. However fashion colors such as blue, green, teal and purple are also available.   
Healed Teal Eyeliner
(Immediately After Eyebrow Hairstrokes)
Healed Basic Eyeliner
You Can Look Good At Any Age!
Healed Basic Eyeliner
No More Smudging and Smearing!
Healed Moderate Eyeliner
Imagine Running Out The Door Without Your Makeup!
    Moderate to Heavy Eyeliner
Let the world see a New You!
Before Permanent Eyeliner
          Healed Permanent Eyeliner, Basic Application in Brown Black
 Because of the high degree of attention and focus required by each technician during the procedure, we do not allow small children in the procedure room without supervision by a responsible adult.  We do not allow children under 12 to be left in the lobby unattended. Please make childcare arrangements prior to your appointment.
    Roxanne and Brenda work by appointment only. The hours of operation are somewhat flexible, late appointments are available and Saturday appointments are available for out of town clients.
     “Approximately 90% of our clients come to us by referral. We never rush through our work, and pay the utmost attention to detail. We have built a solid reputation over the years because of the consistent quality of the services we provide. Your satisfaction is important to us. If you have any questions about our services, please call our office. We will be happy to assist you. If we are working with clients when you call, please leave us a voice-mail and we will return your call as soon as possible.”
~  Brenda Gloria
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If you have any questions click ontheFAQ'sorSpecialspage for more information. Or give us a call, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.   
Roxanne GloriaandBrenda Gloriaare experts in the field of Permanent Makeup. Make your appointment now to have your own custom designed eyeliner applied by a true expert!
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