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Q) What is Permanent Cosmetics? 
A) Permanent Cosmetics is a state of the art form of cosmetic tattooing. Color is implanted into the dermal layer of skin with a specially designed instrument. The specialized techniques used for permanent cosmetics are often referred to as "Micropigmentation", "Permanent Make up" or "Dermagraphics".  
Q. How much does it cost?
A). Our procedure fees vary in range, it depends on what you’re having done. Original Work, or the first time you have a procedure, ranges from $395.00 to $495.00.  Retouch Work 3 to 5 years later to refresh your color, ranges from $200 to $295.00. Corrective Work is a specialty within the field of Permanent Cosmetics and considered an Advanced Procedure. It should only be done by someone with many years of experience. Fees for Corrective Work are quoted in person.      
When calling around asking about prices you will find that some technicians charge way less and some charge much more. A higher or lower price doesn't mean you'll get better quality work. It's important to carefully check the credentials of your technician because after all, you'll be wearing them on your face!     
Price is important to consider however, a more important question to ask is "How long have you been practicing?" and "How many procedures do you do a week?" This will clue you in to the experience level of the Technician.         
At Permanent Cosmetics by Roxanne Gloria we don't divide our time between doing hair, nails and skin care. We' ve specialized exclusively in Permanent Cosmetics Procedures since 1989 and Training since 1993. Our clients feel that the cost to have their Permanent Makeup applied by us is very reasonable as the quality of the work we are known for is outstanding and is not equaled. The freedom they experience from not having to worry if their makeup has worn off or smeared makes it easy to enjoy life with confidence because they know they look good 24 hours a day, everyday!  
Q) Does it hurt? 
A) We use the Best topical anesthetics available in our Industry, designed specifically for Permanent Cosmetics. Our clients comfort is very important to us. We work very hard at getting you numb and keeping you there throughout the entire procedure. We know everyone's tolerance level is different so we don’t rush through our work! We schedule extra time for every one so that we can insure your comfort. You will feel some minor discomfort like stretching, pressure and vibration. Afterwards the area will be sensitive to the touch. It's been our experience that many of our clients are so comfortable they fall asleep during the procedure.  
Q) I have a friend who went somewhere else and said she felt a lot of pain. 
A) We have heard that from many people who have come to us after going to other technicians.  A lot will depend on the education and skill level of the technician.  If your technician doesn't understand how to use the anesthetic properly, uses a poor quality product or chooses not to use any at all you will feel pain and discomfort.            
We use the best quality anesthetic in the industry for pain control and we use it liberally! We stay in communication with our clients throughout the procedure to insure their comfort. Most clients describe the sensation to be way less discomfort than they expected. When they've been to another technician first they describe the comfort level we provide to be "a night and day difference!"  More importantly they are pleased with their new Permanent Cosmetics. 
Q) How much time does the procedure take? 
A) We never rush through our work! We block out large segments of time to serve you on a one-to-one basis. We don’t double book or leave you to attend to other clients or phone calls while we’re working on you. Each procedure takes approximately 1 to 3 hours to complete. The time it takes to determine the color and draw on the design prior to the procedure can take up to an hour. The anesthetic time is about 15 minutes and the hands on application time is usually 45 minutes to an hour.       
Then we give you an after care kit, go over the aftercare instructions with you and take your final photo.  Because of the high degree of attention and focus required by each technician during the procedure, we do not allow small children in the procedure room without supervision by a responsible adult. We do not allow children under 12 to be left in the lobby unattended. Please make childcare arrangements prior to your appointment.
Q) Is it safe?
A) Absolutely!  When a technician has been properly trained in Asepsis and follows Universal Precautions, Permanent Cosmetics is perfectly safe.We are the first Permanent Cosmetics facility to be licensed in the state of Texas! At our office, the client's safety is our highest concern. Strict sanitation, disinfection and sterilization guidelines are followed in accordance with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), OSHA, and Texas State Health Dept.     
We don’t just follow the rules, we wrote them! Our office is responsible for writing and passing the Texas State Health Dept Rules and Regulations first enacted in 1994. With the support of Senator Leticia Van DePutte and House Representative Carlos Uresti we also had the law amended to adopt the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard in 2001. We use a completely disposable system. All needles are individually packaged and sterilized.  They are used once and then properly disposed of after each procedure. Hospital grade disinfectant is used to wipe down the entire procedure area.  
Q) Do I have a choice in the color? 
A) Yes!  Your input is necessary to achieve the results you'll be satisfied with. We like to see the colors you've been using so plan on bringing your favorite brow/eye/lip makeup with you on the day of your procedure.  We take into consideration the colors you prefer as well as your natural skin color, eye color and hair color as well as any highlights or hair color you may be wearing. We have a wide range of pigment colors to choose from for Brows, Eyes and Lips. We can match almost any color you desire with a few exceptions; we can't do frosted glittery colors and we can't create a permanent gloss. We can create a soft, natural look or a stunning transformation and anything in-between.  
Q) How do I know that you will do what I want? 
A) It is our goal to work with you to achieve the look you want and communication is the key.  Our approach is one of "teamwork."  We begin the procedure by taking a "before" picture without your makeup.  Then we discuss the color and the design. Once the color has been decided, we begin the "design" phase.  We will ask you to draw on what you normally do.  Then, we will help you fine-tune the design by making suggestions, adding and subtracting from the design, and asking for your feedback.  We will work together until the design looks balanced, even an proportionate and most of all you love it! During the procedure, we will follow the design line we agreed upon so your procedure appears exactly as you approved it in the mirror. 
Q) I have very thin or sparse eyebrows. Will this look natural? 
A) Yes, Permanent Eyebrows look more natural than eyebrow pencils because the color is trapped below the surface of the skin like a mole or freckle. Our desire is to create the appearance of brows that look so natural no one can tell they were cosmetically tattooed, unless you tell them. We don't do Magic Marker Eyebrows! We can create the look of a Powdered on eyebrow or a Penciled on eyebrow or even add individual Hair Strokes in the direction that your hair naturally grows. This last technique is sometimes called 3-D Eyebrows. Roxanne Gloria is a Pioneer in the Permanent Cosmetics Industry and has developed many of the Implantation Techniques used by the Industry today. Each of these effects will be discussed with you on the day of your appointment to find what will best suit your needs. 
Q) I’m considering eyeliner, how thick do you make it?  
A) When it comes to Permanent Eyeliner, everyone wants something different. Here are the options;Eyelash Enhancement: This is a super natural look. Good for someone who doesn't normally wear eyeliner and doesn’t want an “Eyeliner Look” but wants a little more definition to their eyes. It’s a great look for men with sparse lashes who still want to look masculine. The color is placed in the lash base, where the actual hairs come out of the skin, from the first lash to the last lash, very thin and lightly applied in the color of the natural eyelash hair.     
Basic Eyeliner: This a thin “Eyeliner Look” application. The color is more concentrate than an Eyelash Enhancement. It’s placed in the lash base, then a thin line of additional color is placed just above and just below to contour so the line is slightly thinner on the inside half of the eye by the nose then just slightly thicker on the outside half of the eye by the temple. A thick full lash look but still very thin and natural.     
Moderate Eyeliner: Again, the color is placed in the lash base, then additional color is placed above and below anywhere from one to two pencil lines thick, contoured in the same way as mentioned above. Of course the top lid is done slightly thicker than the lower lid, the way our lashes naturally grow. We can even add a little flair at the end of the upper outer eyeliner to lift the eyes to make them look awake and refreshed.     
Thick Eyeliner: Anything thicker than two pencil lines above the lash base is considered Thick Eyeliner and is charged an additional $100.00 at the time of the service. This service is broken up into two visits to manage any issues with swelling. A moderate application is applied in the first visit and thickened in the second visit.  We can also do what looks like a powder, a pencil or a liquid eyeliner look. We have a variety of colors available but the most common are the colors that naturally occur in the lash base; Dark Brown, Brown-Black, Black and Charcoal Gray. 
Q) Should I do just the Lipliner so I can still change the color inside my lips? 
A) We do offer Lipliner or Full Lip Color. Whichever you decide to have done rest assured you can still wear any lip pencil or lipstick over them to change the color temporarily and cover your Permanent Lip Color.  Eventually you'll "eat off" your traditional lip pencil or lipstick and underneath there is your Permanent Cosmetics, great color, great design!
Q) Can I do Full Lip Color without the Lipliner? What if I don’t want the Lipliner? 
A) Here's the difference; with both Lipliner and Full Lip Color we have to create a border, an outer most edge that looks smooth and balanced and proportionate. We do this by working together as a team to draw on your design until you love it. Once it looks beautiful we proceed.      
If you’re only going to have Lipliner we create a smooth outer edge that starts out concentrate and as we move further in we create a shadow or smudge effect. This way the Permanent Lipline doesn’t look like a hard line. It appears polished and smooth on the outside and blended on the inside of the lip but the interior body of the lips is not filled in with color. For Lipliner only we recommend a color not too much darker than your natural lip. That way when you don’t have any additional color on it looks like it belongs there and gives your lips great definition.          
If you're going to have Full Lip Color we do the same, create a smooth, balanced and proportionate edge. At this point you have two options; 1) Do one color all over, on the Lipliner and Fill in the body of the lips with the same color. Or
2) You can do a two tone effect where the Lipliner is slightly darker than the color we add to fill in the body of the lip. We can match almost anything you can show us in a Lipstick tube or pencil but we can't do frosted or glittery colors and we can't create a permanent gloss. 
Q) How long does it last?
A) You may want to refresh (Retouch) your color in approximately 2-5 years. The color will soften and fade over time due to many factors. How quickly it fades depends on a few things: 
  1. How light or how dark the color you originally chose was, obviously a blonde eyebrow would fade faster than a black eyeliner.
  2. The concentration of a color can contribute to the color loss, for example the Powder Eyebrow effect looks softer and more translucent than a Penciled Eyebrow effect.  Because the penciled on look is more opaque and concentrate it will last longer. 
  3. Casual sun exposure is the major reason pigment fades; this is why our face, neck, arms and hands are the darkest skin on our body when you have no clothes on.  Extreme sun exposure like tanning regularly will fade you more quickly.
  4. Skin exfoliation such as mechanically scrubbing or chemically exfoliating with face creams, microdermabrasion or chemical peels will fade your Permanent Cosmetics over time.  
  5. Medication is another reason the color fades. Some medications contribute more to color loss than others and some are extreme, like chemotherapy.
 The cost for a Retouch is about half the cost of a new procedure at the Regular Price. If you never get your work Retouched it will fade completely away in about 15 to 20 years.
Q) Can a procedure be done in only one session? 
A) Permanent Cosmetics is a multi-session process.  Its normal for technicians who have not been doing Permanent Cosmetics very long to complete the work in three or four visits. Many of our past graduates go through this learning curve during the first 3 to 8 years of their practice depending on how many procedures they do routinely as most Technicians divide their time doing other salon services.  After 25 years of specializing in Permanent Cosmetics we usually complete the work in one visit. However we do offer a follow up visit at no additional charge because there are a few reasons why you may need a second visit.         
Proper aftercare of your Permanent Cosmetics is essential in order to achieve the best results. It is important to follow your aftercare instructions to avoid color loss. This is why we go over the After Care Instructions with you and give you a written copy to take home as well as an aftercare kit to take home.        
Occasionally, we have clients who forget to apply the ointment after a few days which can create uneven design edges, or they sleep on their side and their procedure rubs against their pillowcase creating light spots. During the healing period, it’s normal to feel a light itching sensation, if a client scratches the area accidentally they can remove the protective scab and a light spot will heal in its place. Medications and medical conditions can affect the healing process. How evenly the color takes will depend on your health, your body's ability to heal and how well you follow the aftercare instructions.         
It's important to us that you look your best.  For Original Work, or the first time you have a procedure, we allow a follow-up visit at no additional charge with in a 6 month period to fill in any light spots or just to add a little more color if you so desire. Retouch Work, 3 to 5 years later to refresh your color, usually does not need a follow us as it begins with some color already in the skin. If a follow us visit is necessary we charge $75.00 with in a 6 month period. Corrective Work is paid up front and there is no additional charge for the duration of the correction after that Retouch Fees apply. 
Q) How long do I need to be absent from my job? 
A) For Eyebrows, you could have the procedure performed in the morning and be at work the same afternoon.  For Eyeliner, you may return to work the next day.  Your eyes may look slightly "puffy" for 1-2 days, as if you've been crying.  Lips usually require 2 days off to allow the swelling to go down. 
Q) What is the healing period like? 
A) The healing period is approximately 7 days on the surface of the skin. Healing continues for a full 30 days below the surface. During this time it's important to keep the procedure clean and free of traditional make up and facial creams. You'll be given an "Aftercare Kit" that includes some Q-tips and ointment. You'll gently apply the ointment several times a day.       
At the beginning Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips will all look too dark ...don't panic! During the 7 day healing period you will see the color soften and lighten up.  You will form a light scab that will begin to slough off on the third day and finish by the seventh day. During the healing period for all procedures, it is important not to pick, pull, scratch, lift or rub off the top layer. If you do you'll see light spots in the healed result. Eyebrows will hardly swell and Eyeliner will look puffy like you had a good cry. Full lip Color will swell more than Lipliner. All swelling subsides in two to three days.   During your healing week you'll also want to avoid any major social events like weddings, and outdoor activities so you can avoid the sun. Complete After Care Instructions will be given to you by your Technician, both orally and in written form. 
Q) Are there precautions that should be taken before my procedure? 
A) For Eyeliner:  If you wear contact lenses, bring your glasses with you and plan on using your glasses for at least the next 3 days. For Lipliner or Full Lip Color:  If you have ever had a cold sore or fever blisters in your life, we suggest that you obtain a 10-day oral prescription for Zovirax, Acyclovir, Valtrex or Famvir capsules (an antiviral medication) from your physician or dentist and begin taking them no less than 1 day prior to this procedure and continue takingthem until the prescription is finished.  Once the procedure has taken place it is also necessary to shield the lips from the sun for 5-7 days to prevent heat blisters from occurring. We will provide a protective mask you can wear in direct sunlight.  
Q) Can I wear make-up after the procedure is done?
A) We prefer you wear NO traditional make up on the procedure site as it needs to heal for about 7 days.  However, you may wear makeup everywhere else. 
Q) Can I wear additional makeup over my permanent makeup? 
A) Yes.  Once healed, Permanent Cosmetics can be worn alone for a natural day time look and enhanced with traditional makeup for more glamorous look. 
Q) Can I bring a friend along? 
A) Yes. We allow 1 to 2 friends or family members in the procedure room as long as you approve. We never allow someone unknown to you, to come in and watch unless we get your approval in advance. Because of the high degree of attention and focus required by each technician during the procedure, we do not allow small children in the procedure room without supervision by a responsible adult.  We do not allow children under 12 to be left in the lobby unattended. Please make childcare arrangements prior to your appointment.
Q) What about allergic reactions to the pigments? 
A) We've been using the same American made pigments for the last 25 years with not even one case of allergic reaction. In fact the pigment companies we purchase from sell worldwide without one reported case of allergic reaction. Our pigments are organic and inorganic iron oxides which contain no artificial additives and do not contain FD & C or D&C dyes."Less than .l% in over 100,000,000 estimated permanent cosmetic procedures performed nationwide over the last 10 years resulted in an allergic reaction," according to Micropigmentation, State of the Art, by Charles S. Zwerling M.D.   Many of our clients cannot wear regular traditional makeup due to allergies .... with Permanent Cosmetics, now they can have carefree makeup, 24 hours a day. We do screen every client for allergies to latex gloves and have nitrile gloves available. 
Q) Since this is a tattoo, will the color turn blue, green or look blotchy with age? 
A) Not if the color originally implanted was chosen well.  The colors used in Permanent Cosmetics are Pigments, not Ink.   Ink will stay in your skin for the rest of your life. It will turn blue if you have a cool undertone and green if you have a warm undertone. Ink will also migrate, spread out or blur under the surface of the skin over a long period of time because the particle size of Ink is extremely small. This is why really old tattoos look blurry.         
Pigments will fade naturally over time and need to be retouched. Pigment does not migrate, spread out or blur under the surface of the skin because it is made of inert iron oxides and the particle size is too large.
This does not mean blue eyebrows, purple lips or pigment migration on eyeliner can’t happen. A lot depends on the skill level of the Technician.       
Education is not standardized in the state of Texas. Not every technician has been properly trained in color theory and can choose a color that is too cool for your skin resulting in blue or purple lips. We do color corrections on this routinely. In addition, pigment migration can happen on the outside corner of the eye with pigment if the Technician is inexperienced and over works the area. A flood of color has to go somewhere. Some technicians do choose to use the tattoo inks. If you choose to have your Permanent Cosmetics applied elsewhere, be sure to ask if they are using traditional tattoo inks or if they are using iron oxides. Your technician must understand the role that our skin's natural undertones play in achieving your desired color.   It is important to consider this and all aspects of the procedure when selecting a potential permanent cosmetic makeup technician. Choose your technician wisely!!! 
Q) Since my Permanent Makeup will eventually fade, why is it called Permanent? 
A) Permanent Cosmetic procedures are considered permanent because the color is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin and cannot be washed off like traditional make up. Your Permanent Cosmetics will require some periodic maintenance (most people have a retouch in 2-5 years) because the skin is a live organ and skin cells are constantly turning over revealing new skin just like when we color our hair and eventually our roots show.   
Q) Help! I need a correction, how much do you charge for Corrective Work? 
A) All Fees for Corrective Work are quoted in person. The price range is usually between $395.00 and $995.00 and is dependent on the number of visits it will take for Roxanne to make the procedure appear as good as if she had done it herself from the beginning.      
We offer a free no obligation consultation for anyone needing corrective work. 
During the consultation Roxanne will evaluate the appearance of the undesired work, ask what the client desires as a finished healed result, and explain what other options exist and what can be done with Permanent Cosmetics Corrective Work. She will estimate how many visits it will take to achieve the desired goal, take a before photo and give a written price quote. The before photo will be attached to a consultation form and held in a pending file until the potential client makes a decision to proceed. If the potential client chooses to go somewhere else and later returns, a new price quote will be written. Corrective Work is paid up front and there is no additional charge for the duration of the correction after that Retouch Fees apply.         
Although the procedure is considered permanent, these procedures do have some degree of flexibility in changing color and design to some extent. The primary thing considered in Corrective Work is what needs correcting?  Color?, Design?, Color & Design?     We've found that Corrective Work comes in three main categories: easy, moderate and extreme.          
Sometimes we see an easy fix such as a poor design that just needs a little re-balancing or an uneven color concentration meaning spots that appear too light, too dark and some areas that are just right. This type of fix can usually be done in one or two visits. For an easy fix the charge is much less.           
A Moderate fix is when the design is unbalanced and the color is wrong. Clients who come in are usually hiding the uneven design with concealer and adding make up to correct the color. This kind of fix will take more than two visits and is moderately priced.         
We do on the average about 3 extreme corrective cases a week. We’ve seen everything you could possibly imagine and more. Sometimes the client has been to multiple Technicians who each promised to make it better but made the problem worse. Obvious uneven designs, wrong colors and multiple layers of colors are much more difficult to correct. For a hard fix the charge and the number of visits is much more and will require a commitment from the client to see the correction to its end, this is why we charge up front.     
Keep in mind that Corrective Work is a specialty in the field of Permanent Cosmetics and considered an advanced procedure. Roxanne is an expert in the area of Corrective Work. She has performed literally thousands of corrective cases over the last 25 years. Roxanne has distinguished herself by speaking at Industry conventions utilizing Power Point and video to present step by step instructions on how to analyze and perform corrective work. She has published articles, and case studies in the Industry Newsletters and Journals. Roxanne's Corrective Class is open only to Technicians in practice 5 years or more because it should only be done by someone with many years of experience. This is why we encourage everyone to choose their Technician wisely. 
Q) Is there anything else I should know? 
A) Permanent Cosmetics can be the best investment you ever made in yourself. Imagine waking every morning to a more beautiful you. Imagine the freedom of running out the door and leaving your make up behind. Imagine not having to worry during the day if your make up has smudged or worn off. 
The convenience of Permanent Cosmetics allows you to breeze through your day confidently.  You'll be able to jump into a pool, sleep late, cry in a movie, shower, exercise, work, and go to bed knowing you look your best.     
Great artwork doesn’t just happen; it’s a result of education, experience and artistic skill. Don’t trust your face to just anyone. A bargain is not a bargain when you have to pay hundreds of dollars to correct a Permanent Mistake. Education is Not regulated in the state of Texas for Permanent Cosmetics other than a 6 hour Asepsis class. We have two national non-profit organizations that have established minimum educational standards but they are voluntary and not required to get a License in Texas.      
Since the year 2000 many 2 and 3 day weekend classes have popped up offering training to anyone willing to sign up. This has created a lot of poorly trained Technicians who have created Permanent Mistakes on women’s faces and a negative mark on the Industry. It's happening nation wide.     
Don’t go to someone’s home or apartment, don’t let anyone inject you with anything unless they’re in a Doctor’s office and don’t trust someone from across the border to follow minimum asepsis standards or return to do follow up work.      
Do your homework, check your Technicians credentials. Ask them “How long have you been doing Permanent Cosmetics? & How many procedures do you do a day?”  Ask for referrals; ask to see photos of their work.    
Our Hope is that you choose to come to us and we look forward to working with you. If you choose to have your Permanent Cosmetics applied elsewhere, at the very least, be sure your technician has been properly trained in Asepsis and can show you their license from the Texas State Health Department which insures they’ve taken 6 hours of training in the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard.     
FAQ Copyright 2001 by Roxanne Gloria and Brenda Gloria 
 Because of the high degree of attention and focus required by each Technician during the procedure, we do not allow small children in the procedure room without supervision by a responsible adult. We do not allow children under 12 to be left in the lobby unattended. Please make childcare arrangements prior to your appointment.
Roxanne Gloria and Brenda Gloria work by appointment only. The hours of operation are somewhat flexible. Late appointments are available and Saturday appointments are available for out of town clients.
     "Approximately 90% of our clients come to us by referral. We never rush through our work, and pay the utmost attention to detail. We have built a solid reputation over the years because of the consistent quality of the services we provide. Your satisfaction is important to us. If you have any questions about our services please call our office. We will be happy to assist you. If we are working with clients when you call, please leave us a voice-mail and we will return your call as soon as possible." ~ Roxanne and Brenda Gloria
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