Permanent Cosmetics - by Roxanne Gloria
Lipliner & Full Lips
The Lips -
The most sensual part of the face it defines the sexuality of the face. Just as the eyes convey emotion.
Lips are as strong a focal point as the human eye, soft, sensuous visibly communicating desire. 
 Full lips are much to be desired for a beautiful face when in proportion to the other features. Perfectly sculpted lips can define or correct uneven lips, camouflage scars, and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. 
As we age, the natural color on the border of our lips fade and disappears, making our lips appear smaller and/or uneven.  And after 35 our collagen production slows down making fine lines more apparent as traditional lipstick begins to bleed up into them. 
With Permanent Lips you can Wake Up Beautiful Every Morning! Because the Permanent Lip Color lives inside the skin, it won't travel into any wrinkles that may appear in the lip area.  By re-establishing the border of your lips and adding color, your lips will appear more attractive, full and balanced.
Imagine no more lipstick marks left on glasses, no more wondering if your face or teeth are smudged from stray lipstick.
Imagine the freedom from continually reapplying lipstick during the day and the convenience of running out of the door, leaving it behind.
We have a wide range of pigment colors to choose from for Lips. We can match almost any color you desire with a few exceptions; we can't do frosted glittery colors and we can't create a permanent gloss.
We can create a soft, natural look or a stunning transformation and anything in-between. 
Unlike the skin on other parts of the face lips have no epidermis; they’re pure dermis and made up primarily of collagen and a lot of sensory perception (that’s why we use them to kiss!) They also have a very large supply of blood. These facts are the reason lips heal slightly different than the Eyebrows and Eyeliner.
                             Before Full Lips (Healed Eyebrows)
Immediately after your procedure your new Permanent Cosmetics will appear very bright. There is a lot of excess color that will slough off in the first 7 days.
Immediately After Full Lip Procedure
Lips will appear pale after the first week because the new exposed lip skin has a milky white opacity to it and will mature, becoming more translucent. By the second week the color will be more visible. You’ll be looking at your final healed result on day 30.   
 Healed Full Lips
Healed Lips will vary in color on a daily basis. As you move through your day you will see them change color just as your lips do before the procedure. Your lips will appear pale if you’re cold or sedentary, more flushed during your usual activities and vivid during a work out or a hot flash!   
The lips have a vermillion border. This is where normal skin and lip skin meet. There’s a texture change and a color change. There is a limit to how far outside the vermillion boarder we can travel, however this gives us the opportunity to do a little creative contouring to rebalance and sculpt the design of the lips for added fullness.
These are the Permanent Lip Services we provide;
The cost for Lipliner is $395.00
The cost for Full Lip Color is $495.00
LIP LINER -   For Lipliner we create a smooth outer edge that starts out concentrate and as we move further in we create a shadow or smudge effect. This way the Permanent Lipline doesn’t look like a hard line. It appears polished and smooth on the outside and blended and soft on the inside of the lip but the interior body of the lips is not filled in with color.
Lipliner can be done in one or two colors. We recommend a color not too much darker than your natural lip. That way when you don’t have any additional color on it looks like it belongs there and gives your lips great definition. Women who have lost natural lip color in the vermillion border or have scar tissue along the edge of their lips will benefit dramatically from this procedure.  
FULL LIP COLOR – For Full Lip Color we do the same; create a smooth, balanced and proportionate edge.  
Full Lip Color can be done in One Color and applied lightly like a blush of color, sheer and translucent.
Full Lip Color can be applied more opaque like Lipstick.
 For a Lipstick look, a second visit is required for added concentration no sooner than 30 days later.
And Full Lip Color can be applied in Two Colors depending on your personal preferance 
 Clients have 6 months to return for the second visit.  We can match almost anything you can show us in a Lipstick tube or pencil but we can't do frosted or glittery colors and we can't create a permanent gloss.
Before and After Full Lip Color
Healed Results on the right is After 2 Visits
You can still add Lipstick on Top of your Permanent Lip Color to change your look when you want too.
Eventually you'll "eat off" your traditional lip pencil or lipstick and underneath there is your Permanent Cosmetics, Great Color, Great Design!
Before your Lip Procedure
When ever we book a client, we always ask if you’ve ever had a cold sore or fever blister. If you’ve had a history of Fever Blisters you will be asked to go to your doctor or dentist for an anti-viral medication prior to any lip procedure, to help avoid an outbreak.
You will need to ask your doctor for an antiviral prescription such as Zovirax, Valtrex, Famvir or Acyclovir to help prevent an outbreak during your healing process.
We take this very seriously, if you are unable to get a prescription by the time of your appointment date, we will reschedule you. Failure to be on the medication will certainly result in an outbreak of fever blisters. Should an outbreak occur after your procedure you will most likely lose some pigment in the area that you get a sore, resulting in uneven lip color or lipliner.
                                              Healed  Lipliner
For a New Full Lip procedure, we book 3 hours of one-on-one time just for you.  We never rush through the process and we will give you our full attention every moment that you are here. We never double book. Your satisfaction, comfort and privacy are important to us.
                                              Healed  Lipliner
Because of the high degree of attention and focus required by each technician during the procedure, we do not allow small children in the procedure room without supervision by a responsible adult.  We do not allow children under 12 to be left in the lobby unattended. Please make childcare arrangements prior to your appointment.
Healed Full Lip Color (4 different women):
Roxanne and Brenda work by appointment only. The hours of operation are somewhat flexible, late appointments are available and Saturday appointments are available for out of town clients.
“Approximately 90% of our clients come to us by referral. We never rush through our work, and pay the utmost attention to detail. We have built a solid reputation over the years because of the consistent quality of the services we provide. Your satisfaction is important to us. If you have any questions about our services, please call our office. We will be happy to assist you. If we are working with clients when you call, please leave us a voice-mail and we will return your call as soon as possible.”
~  Brenda Gloria

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 Roxanne Gloria and Brenda Gloria are experts in the field of Permanent Makeup restoring fullness to the lips, renewing color and reflecting a more balanced youthful mouth. They will work with you to create and define the lips you've always wanted turning back the hands of time. Make your appointment now to have your own custom designed Lips applied by true experts!
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