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Looking for a Bargain? … So were they!
Poorly Deisgned Eyebrows and Eyeliner, Uneven Concentration of Color
The most common question we hear is
“How Much Does Permanent Makeup Cost?”
Lower Eyelash Enhancement that went from Bad to Worse 
When considering Permanent Cosmetics …
Your Face shouldn’t go to the Lowest Bidder!
Rather, the most experienced one!
Err Lip 1
Bad Design, Color Placed Way Beyond the Natural Border of the Lips 
(Client is wearing Lipstick on her own lips inside the design)
Cost is important;
Everyone wants Value for their Dollar.
As you shop around
What’s More Important to Ask is …
"How long have you been
Doing Permanent Cosmetics?
And How Many Procedures do you do a Day? a Week? A Month? " 
Err Brow & Eye 2
Blue Eyebrows and Blue Eyeliner
The Credentials and Experience of your
Technician counts, because you’ll be
Wearing them on your Face … Permanently! 
Err Eye 8
Unevenly Applied Permanent Eyeliner
Permanent Cosmetics Education is not regulated in the State of Texas. The State does regulate the Asepsis Practices we follow and the paper work we keep. It requires that you take a yearly 6 hour OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Class and pay a Licensing Fee. 
Err Brow & Eye 3
Unevenly Applied Permanent Eyeliner and Pigment Migration, Thicher than desired Ashey Blue Gray Eyebrows
Because that is all the Education Required, there are many 2 and 3 Day Weekend Training Courses with Overcrowded Classrooms all over Texas and the Nation Luring Students in to "Get Rich Quick!"
Two Sets of Permanent Eyebrows, Major Pigment Migration on inside corner of Permanent Eyeliner
This is Not a New Problem, it's been happening since just before the year 2000.
Unevenly Applied Permanent Eyeliner
This puts a lot of Unskilled Technicians out there that Do Not have either the Knowledge or Hands-on Training to do work on a Professional Scale. 
Badly Designed and Wrong Color Choice on Permanent Eyebrows
Most of them Quit after a Few Failed Procedures.
Only a few of them go forward to find
Quality Education and Succeed.
Err Brow & Eye 1
Two Different Colors and Designs on Permanent Eyebrows. Permanent Eyeliner Applied Thicker than desired and now Blue
Even those in a doctor’s office or expensive salons may not be the best choice if they are not properly trained.
Err Lipliner 2
Bad Design, Color Placed Way Beyond the Natural Border of the Lips 
Surely, it is important to You to know that your practitioner is well trained in artistry, technical skill and cross-contamination prevention.
 Two Different Designs, Second Technician tried to cover up some of the Old Design with White but gave her client Purple Eyebrows! White Does Not Cover old work, it blends together under the skin like Creamer added to Coffe to create a New Color
Permanent Cosmetics by Roxanne Gloria aka
American Micropigmentation Academy has been training Technicians for 20 years. The training is above and beyond what the Industry standard outlines.
Err Lipliner 6
Bad Design, Color Placed Way Beyond the Natural Border of the Lips 
However, it’s up to the individual Technician to seek out the best quality education they can find before they start making Permanent Changes on women’s faces.
Err Brow 4
 Bad Permanent Eyebrow Design, Taupe/Ash/Green Color
There is no Substitute for Education and Experience in this business.
 Two Different Designs, Second Technician tried to cover up some of the Old Design with White but gave her client Purple Eyebrows! White Does Not Cover old work, it blends together under the skin like Creamer added to Coffe to create a New Color
Be wary of those who do Permanent Makeup as an addition to their regular salon services so as not to be able to truly master something as intricate, delicate and technical as Permanent Cosmetics.
Eyebrow Brown Color Placed on the Lips, Bad Idea! 
If one does not perform procedures consistently they are certain to be rusty and lack necessary skills.
Err Eye 1
Unevenly applied Thick Eyeliner, Pigment Migration on Lower Left Corner. Technician tried to cover this Mistake with White and added Eyeliner Highlighter above upper lids that will never go away. (What a Deal)
There are many technicians who put less value on their work and want to MOO-VE people In and Out as fast as possible like CATTLE just to make as much money as they can in one day.  Don’t - be - part - of - the - Cattle! 
Err Lipliner 3
Bad Design, Uneven Concentration of a Bad Color: Too Purple  
“We often see clients who’ve had work done by women from across the border which is very light and splotchy, who told us the technician promised to return to finish the work in a second visit but never came back.” ~ Brenda Gloria
Err Brow 5
Unevenly Designed Purple Permanent Eyebrows
A dependable Permanent Makeup Technician is here to stay. At Permanent Cosmetics by Roxanne Gloria the results are consistently beautiful and natural-looking. Hospital grade sterilization and disinfection is used in-between each client.
Bad Design, Color Placed Way Beyond the Natural Border of the Lips  
We offer services in a professional facility licensed by the Texas Department of Health using state of the art equipment, pre-sterilized disposable needles, the best quality pigments and anesthetic available in the industry.
Err Eye 3
Two Different Designs on Permanent Eyebrows,
Pigment Migration on Inside of Lower Permanent Eyeliner
     “Roxanne did Permanent Cosmetics for 27 years, Brenda for 19.  In the first ten years we would see two to three Corrective Cases a year, in the next ten years we would see two to three Corrective Cases a month, Sadly now about two people each week ask about corrective services. We don’t match competitors’ prices because they can’t match our quality or expertise.”
Err Lipliner 1
Color Placed Way Beyond the Natural Border of the Lips, Uneven Design  
Have you ever noticed that many of the pictures you see from one website to another look very much the same? 
As you shop around make sure you ask your prospective technician to show you images of their OWN work.
Unevenly Designed Permanent Eyebrows, Technician tried to balance by adding White above and below.
One of the most tragic things in the industry is that New Technicians are able to buy Before and After Portfolios with beautiful stock photos of work that is not their own but sold to them from supply distributors. This practice is deceptive and unethical, but has been happening for many years.
Err Brow 3
    Unevenly Designed Permanent Eyebrows
 "A few of my past clients have chosen to go to other Technicians because they were cheaper. Later they come to me for Corrective work and explain that they thought all Permanent Cosmetic Technicians were trained the same. For this reason I've spoken at many local women's groups and Beauty Schools through out South Texas to educate the public on how no educational standards is plaguing our Industry." ~ Roxanne Gloria
Err Lipliner 4
Color Placed Way Beyond the Natural Border of the Lips, Bad Design  
Great Permanent cosmetics is very hard to find because it takes years of hard work and consistent dedication in order to master the skills necessary to produce exceptional results.
Yes, You're Looking At Green Permanent Eyebrows. Choose Wisley!
 Brenda and Roxanne Gloria’s technical expertise and artistic passion have enabled them to develop advanced techniques in Micropigmentation that can be used to correct inferior work.
Err Eye 7
Pigment Migration on Outside of Eye, Technician tried to cover the Mistake with White. White DOES NOT cover this kind of mistake, it blends together like Creamer and Coffee and creates a New Color.
"There is some really bad permanent makeup walking around out there in the world. I see it every day. Many of the women who come in for a Corrective Consultation confess to me they where "price shopping" and lived to regret it.” ~ Roxanne Gloria
Err Eye 2
Uneven Design, Uneven Concentration on Permannent Eyeliner
Consider this:  Why do people pay for a skilled hair stylist? Because they know how to deliver beautiful results every time. Over the course of a year you’ll spend easily a couple of hundred dollars at the salon. Permanent Makeup can last for 3 to 5 YEARS before it needs a retouch. Your face is worth paying for Quality instead of something you have to cover up.
Err Lipliner 5
Uneven, Purple Lipliner
Before you decide on a Technician, ask questions and choose wisely, don’t just get in their chair and hope for the best. And remember ...  Never base your decision on price alone!   
Err Brow 2
Worked on by Two Different Technicians, Two Designs, Two Colors. 
Roxanne Gloria wrote the laws for the State of Texas and has petitioned the State Legislature every two years since 1994 (When tattooing became regulated for the first time in Texas) to adopt the education portion of the bill. In 2001 Roxanne and Brenda Gloria were successful in getting them to adopt the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. This was a great step in the right direction. Brenda Gloria continues to petition the State to adopt educational standards for Permanent Makeup in the State of Texas.
Color Placed Way Beyond the Natural Border of the Lips 
Don't go to Someone's home or apartment to have Permanent Makeup. It's illegal to work where you live or live where you work.
Don't let anyone inject you with anything unless they've been given Doctor's orders and are in a medical setting.
Don't go to someone who comes from across the border, you know nothing of their education, experience, understanding of infection control, or personal Integrity. Don't trust them to return for any promised follow up work or to follow our minimum asepsis standards the Health Department requires of Texas Technicians.
 Poorly Designed Permanent Blue Eyebrows
 "If you can't trust someone with something small, how can you trust them with something large? Like your Beauty and your Health?" ~ Brenda and Roxanne Gloria
Wrong Color Choice, Uneven Concentration of Color
"The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." - Anonymous
     All Fees for Corrective Work are quoted in person.
The price range is usually between $495.00 and $995.00 and is dependent on the number of visits it will take for Brenda to make the procedure appear as good as if she had done it herself from the beginning. 
 Wrong Color Placed Way Beyond the Natural Border of the Lips    
 We offer a Free No Obligation Consultation
for Anyone Needing Corrective Work. 
 The Eyebrow Hairstrokes whouldn't have looked bad if the color wasn't Blue!
During the consultation Brenda will evaluate the appearance of the undesired work, ask what the client desires as a finished healed result, and explain what other options exist and what can be done with Permanent Cosmetics Corrective Work.
 Wrong Color Placed Way Beyond the Natural Border of the Lips
Brenda will estimate how many visits it will take to achieve the desired goal, take a before photo and give a written price quote. The before photo will be attached to a consultation form and held in a pending file until the potential client makes a decision to proceed.
Unbalanced Design and Wrong Colors on Eyebrows, Original Color Turned Red, Covered by Second color which Turned Blue, Technician tried to add Highlighter below Eyebrows by adding White.
If the potential client chooses to go somewhere else and later returns, a new price quote will be written. Corrective Work is paid up front and there is no additional charge for the duration of the correction after that Retouch Fees apply.    
Bad Color Choice for Eyebrows, Uneven Design in Eyeliner
     Although the procedure is considered permanent, these procedures do have some degree of flexibility in changing color and design to some extent. The primary thing considered in Corrective Work is what needs correcting?  Color?, Design?, Color & Design?     We've found that Corrective Work comes in three main categories: easy, moderate and extreme.     
Color Placed Unevenly Beyond the Natural Border of the Lips
     Sometimes we see an easy fix such as a poor design that just needs a little re-balancing or an uneven color concentration meaning spots that appear too light, too dark and some areas that are just right. This type of fix can usually be done in one or two visits. For an easy fix the charge is much less.     
      Wrong Color Placed Way Beyond the Natural Border of the Lips
     A Moderate fix is when the design is unbalanced and the color is wrong. Clients who come in are usually hiding the uneven design with concealer and adding make up to correct the color. This kind of fix will take more than two visits and is appropriately priced.    
     Wrong Color Placed Way Beyond the Natural Border of the Lips
     In an extreme corrective case, we’ve seen everything you could possibly imagine and more. Sometimes the client has been to multiple Technicians who each promised to make it better but made the problem worse. Obvious uneven designs, wrong colors and multiple layers of colors are much more difficult to correct. For a hard fix the charge and the number of visits is much more and will require a commitment from the client to see the correction to its end, this is why we charge up front.   
 Pigment Migration below the Eyeliner
     Keep in mind that Corrective Work is a specialty in the field of Permanent Cosmetics and considered an advanced procedure and should not be attempted by someone "new" in the Industry. Permanent Makeup is easy to put on, but not easy to correct or change.

This is why we encourage everyone to choose their Technician wisely.
This is why we Never Shave Off Natural Eyebrows
Before Doing Permanent Eyebrows
Because of the high degree of attention and focus required by each technician during the procedure, we do not allow small children in the procedure room without supervision by a responsible adult.  We do not allow children under 12 to be left in the lobby unattended. Please make childcare arrangements prior to your appointment.
     Brenda works by appointment only. The hours of operation are 10am-6pm Monday-Friday, but are somewhat flexible. Late appointments are available and some Saturday appointments are available for out of town clients.
 “Approximately 90% of our clients come to us by referral. We never rush through our work, and pay the utmost attention to detail. We have built a solid reputation over the years because of the consistent quality of the services we provide. Your satisfaction is important to us. If you have any questions about our services, please call our office. We will be happy to assist you. If we are working with clients when you call, please leave us a voice-mail and we will return your call as soon as possible.”
~  Brenda Gloria
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  If you have any further questions or click on either the FAQ's or Specials link for more information. Or give us a call, we'll be happy to assist you.
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