Permanent Cosmetics - by Roxanne Gloria
Permanent Makeup should be Retouched in a 2 to 4 year period so you can look your best. If you never have any additional color added in approximately 10 to 15 years it will fade away completely.
To prevent this from happening you should get a color refresher or Retouch up every 2 - 4 years. It's more cost effective to maintain your color than to wait too long and have to start over with a new procedure.
Retouch work is less expensive than Original or New Permanent Makeup Procedures because the design is already there.
Colors break down gradually over time for the following reasons:
Casual Sun Exposure: This is the main reason Permanent Makeup Pigment fades.  We can’t hide our face from the sun, this is why our face, neck, arms and hands are the darkest skin on our body when you have no clothes on.  Extreme sun exposure like tanning regularly will fade you more quickly.
Skin Exfoliation: such as mechanically scrubbing or chemically exfoliating with face creams, microdermabrasion or chemical peels will fade your Permanent Cosmetics over time.  
Medication: This is another reason the color fades. Some medications contribute more to color loss than others and some are extreme, like chemotherapy.
Lifestyle: Your body’s pH. Your over all lifestyle affects your body’s pH. Permanent Makeup Pigment is designed to live in a slightly alkaline environment of 7.3 – 7.4. The more acidic your blood pH is the faster the color will fade.
Color: Lighter colors fade faster than darker colors for example Blonde Eyebrows will fade much faster than a Black Eyeliner.
Concentration: Lightly applied Permanent Makeup like a Powder-Fill Eyebrow will fade faster than a concentrate application like a Pencil-Fill Eyebrow.
For Our Past Clients if your Permanent Makeup is still Clearly Visible *and* your last visit was less than 4 years, the Retouch Fee is:
Fill-in Eyebrows …… $200.00    Microblading/Strokes.... $250.00
Eyeliner ………..........$200.00    Thick Eyeliner............... $250.00
Full Lip Color ….........$250.00
We’ve kept charts on All our clients over the last 27 years and document every detail including what colors we used on you when you were last here. This has helped us tremendously when it’s time to duplicate the results or make a change because you’ve tinted or highlighted your hair or even if you’ve decided to go gray.
If you’re a Past Client of ours and you’ve gone to another Technician, we will need to evaluate your work to quote you a price. 

If you are unhappy because a Permanent Mistake was made on your face we will need to see you to evaluate your work and quote you a price. See our"Mistakes Page"for more info.
If your color has faded away completely and we have to start from the beginning with a new design the fees below will apply to you.
For New Clients who have an Old Permanent Makeup procedure the Fee is:
If you have an Old Permanent Makeup procedure that was previously designed by another Technician less than 4 years ago, is clearly visible, and needs only minor design and color changes the fees are:
Fill-in Eyebrows …..…$ 295.00    Hairstrokes/Microblading. $395.00
Eyeliner ……..............$ 295.00    Thick Eyeliner.................. $395.00
Lipliner ……..........…. $ 295.00
Full Lip Color …..........$395.00
If the design is aged or is not clearly visible, New procedure fees apply.  

If you are not happy with the color and/or design of your permanent makeup, we will need to see you to evaluate your procedure and quote you a price.

CORRECTIVE WORK: Ranges in-between $495.00 to $995.00
 and is dependent on the number of visits it will take for Brenda to make the procedure appear as good as if she had done it herself from the beginning. See our "Mistakes Page" for more info.
There is no substitute for Education and Experience in this business.
And there is No Room for
Mistakes on Your Face!
Great Permanent cosmetics is very hard to find because it takes years of hard work and consistent dedication in order to master the skills necessary to produce exceptional results. Roxanne and Brenda Gloria’s technical expertise and artistic passion have enabled her to develop advanced techniques in Micropigmentation that can be used to correct inferior work.
Keep in mind that Corrective Work is a specialty in the field of Permanent Cosmetics and considered an advanced procedure. 
Bargain shopping for Permanent Makeup often equates to going with a less experienced, under trained, and possibly unlicensed and uninsured technician. It's more expensive to correct a poorly done procedure than to have it done right the first time by someone who is truly qualified. Quality, Experience and Safety should be the highest priorities when considering this type of work.
See our"Mistakes Page"for more info.
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