Permanent Cosmetics - by Roxanne Gloria
Symmetrical Eyelash Perm Testimonials
“I’m a regular client of Brenda’s and I’m very happy with my perm!  Not only is it easier to apply and remove mascara because I can actually see my lashes now, but my lashes just look longer than ever before, even when I curled them with an eyelash curler.  I had been to probably every salon in town who offered the eyelash perm. Brenda’s place is the furthest from my home but worth the drive and time because she’s the best, I know from personal experience.” ~ Linda E.
“I have straight, bare lashes that are hardly visible. Brenda resurrected them! It was the most pleasant spa service I’ve ever had and totally worth it! It feels like I just discovered lashes I never knew I had! Thanks Brenda! ~ Eve A.
“I had the eyelash tint first then later returned for the perm, both were great by themselves but I recommend them both together for the best results which is what I do now.  I highly recommend this service it’s totally awesome I do it regularly. Basically you look like you have mascara on without makeup, and it really brightens and opens your eyes.” ~ Margie W.
“The only downside to this service is that after 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your eyelashes grow you start to shed you eyelashes and new ones come in so you end up with older curly lashes and new straight ones, which together can be kind of crazy and spidery. But I love the first five weeks! Brenda is booked but she works with my schedule so I don’t have to look like spider woman” ~Desiree B.
“I went to another “professional” first who charged more but the service was poor. While I had the solutions on my lashes she kept leaving the room and coming back in. When it was over my lashes were crooked and she blamed it on me! She said I was probably opening my eyes, which I never did for fear of the solution getting inside. I asked if she could straighten them and she said I’d have to wait for them to grow out. A week later I found Brenda who re-permed them and they came out beautiful exactly as I’d hoped. She never left my side and explained what she did with each step. I’ll never go anywhere else!” ~ Jamie C.
"I’ve used about a million different products on my eyelashes to make my eyes pop. Waterproof mascara, mascara with fibers, my eyelash curler pulled too many out, I even used Latisse for a while but I kept forgetting to put it on. Eyelash extensions looked great but felt awful, I kept tugging my real lashes and it was painful down by the roots. And then I found Brenda.  I was referred by a coworker and it’s so easy now! Sometimes I even go with out mascara and when I do wear it, my lashes look better than ever! I wish I’d found her sooner!” ~ Beverly M.
"Brenda Gloria Friggin Rocks! I have Lashes! I love my lashes! I tried other places and they didn't do as good as her. I won't go anywhere else! Ever!" ~ Deb V.
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